Digital Media at Bohermore

Adobe Photoshop and Professional Photography

Photoshop is essential software for anyone working in design, photography, film production and content creation for the web. Skills, techniques and concepts learned using Photoshop are applicable across a wide range of other software packages and digital media disciplines. Online content is king, and Photoshop gives you the tools to everything you need with images, text and much more. Photoshop also provides a gateway into more specialized software products like Premier Pro, After Effects and Davinci Resolve for film editing, and Illustrator, Inkscape and Gimp for graphic design and further photo editing.

We also offer training in professional photography to complement Photoshop and to give learners the tool to fully leverage the power of well edited, well shot original photography. We will cover the fundamental of digital photography with the option of learning more advanced techniques for anyone interested in moving further into this particular area.

Learning to use a digital SLR and take good photographs gives one many of the skills required for film making.

Learning Photoshop and Photography at Bohermore opens the door to design and digital media, and will give you the confidence and competence to move forward in whatever direction you choose