BALANCE ~ We can all fall into the habit of doing too much of one thing. It could be watching TV, using our phones, eating more junk food than we should or sleeping too much. While some of these activities may feel good while you’re doing them, they can in fact make you feel more tired afterwards. Try find some ways to bring balance into your day, put away the phone, even for a short time and engage with the people around you. Maybe pick a program you want to watch but go do some activity afterwards. Explore healthy food treats that you can enjoy, be creative and come up with new recipes and when you can, plan the kind of day that will encourage you to hop out of bed a little earlier knowing that good things are awaiting you 🙂

MOVEMENT and MOTIVATION ~ Movement and motivation can go hand in hand. Sometimes it can be hard to feel motivated to move, yet sometimes it’s when we get up and move we can feel more motivated. Some people may think of exercise as the only way to get active, but you can really improve your mental health through exercise, dance, yoga or even going into the garden and strolling around and seeing what new flowers may be starting to grow. It can be hard to get started, but once you get to see the benefits of movement and motivation can improve the quality of your day you will be encouraged to make it a part of your daily routine.

ORGANISATION ~ Even though our daily routines have been changed so much during these times, being organised in our lives can really have a positive impact on our mental health. This could seen as keeping our space tidy, creating new daily routines that take into mind the benefits of balance, movement and motivation, including activities that help you relax. Small changes can bring about great benefits!

RELAXATION ~ Relaxation is a very important part of self-care. Taking time out is all part of finding more balance n your days and relaxation can look different in many ways. It could be taking time to rest, curl up a book and let the imagination take to another place, maybe enjoy a meditation, yoga or a chat with a friend. But for some relaxation comes from exercise. Put your self care high on your To Do list and enjoy whatever it is that helps you relax, you deserve it.

ENTHUSIASM ~ We are moving through a time where it might feel like we don’t get to do all the things that we would love to do. But what we do have is a little extra time to look around and see what are the things we can do? Maybe there is a hobby, a skill or a project that you would like to do and now is a great time to give new things a go. Stay positive, say YES to the many adventures that are available to you and when you begin saying yes to adventure, you begin to feel more happy and excited about your day.

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