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The Veil of Understanding

We are all concerned with whats fair. In club the idea of fairness is held very highly. Young people have a strong sense of whats fair, and, more importantly, they expect that whats fair is what should happen. This is something we can loose touch with over time. Something often called ‘Life’ is imposed to supersede the rule of fairness. ‘That’s Life’ we say with a shrug. But should it be?

John Rawls and The Original Position

In the original position, the parties select principles that will determine the basic structure of the society they will live in. This choice is made from behind a veil of ignorance, which would deprive participants of information about their particular characteristics: their ethnicity, social status, gender and, crucially, Conception of the Good (an individual’s idea of how to lead a good life). This forces participants to select principles impartially and rationally.

So basically you are not born yet and you could be born to anyone anywhere in the world. What would you say you want life to be like?

The world’s eight richest people have as much wealth as half of the world’s population

In 2000, the top 1% held 45.5% of the world’s wealth. Today, they hold 50.1% — more than half of the rest of the world.